Prior to you can rid your home of rats, you first need to determine where the rats are hanging out; no sense positioning traps in the basement if they remain in the attic. A black light is understood to find urine and a small, hand held one would be practical in this circumstances.

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After you have found where they are nesting, it is time to find and seal any possible entry points into your home and garden; Keep in mind a rat can make it through an opening that is just a half inch large.

Search for cracks in your home structure or extra area where any wires or pipes enter your house. Also checks along your baseboards, cabinets and other dark locations for holes, seal these holes with steel wool as it will cut the gums of the rats if they try to chew through it.

Rats have a tendency to chew through nearly anything, so you need to seal these possible entryway methods with cement, sheet meshing, or some heavy metal material. For added protection add some fragments of glass to wet cement to prevent rats from getting in before the cement dries.

Rats are drawn in to water and live in sewers and will follow the scent of food to the pipes that result in your toilet. If you find a rat in your toilet bowl; spray some dishwater liquid directly into bowl, close lid, wait a minute or more then flush.

A ‘snap trap’ is the best method to get rid of rats, use a little peanut butter spread over a cotton ball as bail it attracts better than a piece of cheese. Rats are quick and have the capability to grab the bait and get away prior to the trap snaps; covering the bait with some floss will get stuck in their teeth and slow their effort to get away. The best place to put the trap is where you found holes or rat droppings, making sure to put it far from reach of kids or family pets.

Rat poisons are not the best option to obtain rid of rats inside as they will pass away in places that will be challenging for you to eliminate them, triggering a nasty smell. Also, you have to use a lot of toxin because a little will only make them ill and keep them far from it in the future.

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