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House In Order - Love the spaces where you live!
House In Order works side by side with overwhelmed, disorganized, and short-on-time clients in the central New Jersey area to help them organize their space, de-clutter their homes or offices, and develop systems to better manage the "stuff" in their lives.

House In Order services include:
  • general home organization (including closets, playrooms, storage areas, etc)
  • packing/unpacking assistance
  • clean-out and de-cluttering
  • time and household management strategies and systems
  • file and paperwork clean-out, organization, and system development
  • Yard sale/garage sale organization
gift certificates available
Who is House In Order?

Heather Pierce
Professional Organizer/Owner of House In Order
Heather Pierce began working as a professional organizer on her own before starting the business of House In Order. As an organizer she has worked with business owners, teens and growing families to help organize both areas in the home and in the office.  Before organizing, her prior work experience included teacher, Director, and Owner of a tutoring center, and she uses her own years of experience as a business owner to mentor other fellow entrepreneurs. When asked why she decided to pursue professional organizing as a career, Heather replied, "I have always been a naturally-organized person and I want to use my skills to bring peace of mind and order to others.  My clients make me feel so appreciated while at my work - I am lucky that I am able to help others while doing a job I truly love!"

Kristie Gannon
Independent Contractor
House in Order
Where organization begins, as the youngest of 6 siblings I was the helper, the cleaner-uper, and as I got older and grew into womanhood, the one who simply, got things done! I now live in Atlantic Highlands with my husband Michael and two young boys David, age 4, and Joseph age 2.  If I were not organized at home, I would not be able to do all that I do and still keep a peaceful and motivated demeanor.  I am an entrepreneur and work from home in direct sales, I teach classes through the Monmouth County Parks System, and I manage all the ins and outs of my household. Finding time to donate to the school PTO, make plans with friends and family, and appreciate all that life has to offer, all of these things start with having an organized plan. I love my job! I am very motivated and easy to work with. I want to make your space more about you and less about life getting in the way of itself. I look forward to working with you and help you to be a better and more relaxed you.

Kim Bryan
Independent Contractor
House In Order
Kim joined the House In Order team in 2012 as an associate with her professional house cleaning business.  Having many years of experience in customer service, an entrepreneurial spirit, a natural knack for organization, and a desire to help others reach their goals of having a peaceful and orderly home or workspace, it was just a matter of time before Kim officially joined the team as a professional organizer.  Kim's philosophy is that if you feel that your home is in order, that you will feel focused and centered - enabling you to gain better control over other areas of your life. 

We are always up for a challenge! Tell us about your problem or project - we may be able to help!

Ocean & Monmouth counties
Phone:  908-278-9252

by appointment

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